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Installing Debian on a Win7 laptop. Install goes fine, but reboot takes me too:


Note greyed-out settings in BIOS:

Do you have a bootable partition somewhere? What does fdisk -l say?
Turned off network boot option, now just get "No bootable device" message.
This was a complete wipe of Win7 in replace with Deb stable, so in theory there should be a grub config on there.
Some option in the BIOS that's blocking the grub install or modifying the EFI?
Reboot in Rescue Mode off install USB shows me that the LVM volumes are there. Try to update to EFI volume fails, as does doing a grub update.
@Harald Eilertsen fdisk flys by (no less in busybos, but seems OK as far as I can see.
I tgink the EFI partition is the problem. Here is the end of the fdisk output:

From the initial top screenshot it looks like the boot order is set to something else than the bootable partition you want, and so the BIOS complains it cannot find a bootable partition or image. What is the boot order?
In pic 1, netboot waa on, so on finding no boot medium it tried that. Now off I just get no boot medium. I think grub info needs to be on sda1 and the EFI partition.
Your 336M empty partition is set as bootable, you probably want the EFI partition as bootable instead. Afaicr you have to enable expert mode (x) in fdisk and use the 'A' option to toggle the bootable flag on the correct partition.
Sorry, i cant help, but I had exactly the same issue, and currently am trying to solve it...
So I got on with the other install I had to do, but I'm back at this one now.

@Harald Eilertsen man fdisk gives me nothing on expert mode.
Can you write Grub to the MBR?
I didn't see a way to in rescue mode. As I mentioned above, both options failed.
Just run fdisk /dev/sdb, then type x and hit enter. You're now in expert mode. Type m and hit enter to see available commands. A toggles the boot flag for legacy BIOS boot, if I remember correctly it will ask you for which partition you want to toggle. When happy, press r and hit enter to go back to normal mode, then w and enter to write the partition table to disk and exit.
Paying customer can't meet till Sunday. The pressure is off. Enough for today. Thanks all, I will pick up the threads tomorrow.
I messed around with fdisk expert mode trying to get the boot recognized, but failed. Redid the install and it booted properly. Go figure.
Thanks to everyone who helped.