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I will be brief, as usual… #

Reasons why:
1. The elaboration and voting procedure is completely inconsistent with the general norms of the law and common sense. Thus cannot be recognized as legitimate.
2. Prolonging the power of the current elites for life, de facto. (a. 81.3¹)
3. It discredits the people living in the country, chauvinistically mentioning them separately from the superior "state-forming" nation. (a. 68.1, 69.1)
4. It will be used to violate international agreements unilaterally. And for escalation of conflicts with other countries. (a. 79)

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Hey @AskPayPal. You asked me to confirm my identity to continue manage my foreign currencies. I sent docs on May 20, you confirmed! And on June 20 you converted the entire my balance to Russian Rubles. What the scam!?


Something bad is happening right now. And it's NOT COVID-19!

First, the Russian financial regulators have forbidden foreign issuing and servicing of prepaid MasterCard for Russian citizens. Now services such as Payoneer, TransferWise, and other stops servicing of issued cards and will not issue new. Therefore, only two payment tools are still available for Russian citizens: direct bank transfers and PayPal. But both of them are assuming putting money in the jurisdiction of financial institutions located in Russia!

At the same time, PayPal requests additional information like birthplace, individual tax identification number, and passport top allow users to keep their funds in currencies that differ from Russian rubles. I don't sure what is it, but certainly, there's nothing good.

And on top of it, introducing the law on criminal punishment up to 7 years and a fine of 2 million Russian rubles for cryptocurrency/tokens acquisition and turnover!

And this is in a situation where people are locked in homes, everyone understands the prospects and try to keep money away from Russian banks, and Russia as the state in general.

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And even PayPal is not for all😱


Hi @EmbilyCard! Please, could you guide me? Nowhere I can find information about the cost of annual fee.


Humble Bundle introduces ability to set the region

Humble Bundle wrote:

Now you have the ability to confirm your location settings!


If you’re interested in updating your location settings, simply navigate to your user settings menu, scroll down past "Humble Wallet" to find your Location information. Click “Select a location” and select your current location. If you do not update your location setting, it will be set to your location at the time of your next purchase. Don’t forget! Updating your Location will control the following:

  • Your currency, pricing, wallet credits, and tax rates
  • Regional assignment of the keys you receive

Humble Bundle wrote:

It's possible that if you've had issues with any of these items in the past that you may have been attempting a purchase from outside of your home region or while under the connection of a VPN.

Note: VPN usage can cause issues with your purchase regardless of your account's location settings. We still do not condone the usage of a VPN when making purchases with us. We understand that proxies have a wide variety of legitimate purposes, but when purchasing through our site these proxies may cause issues redeeming your content, receiving the correct tax percentage for your region, or delays being caught in our anti-fraud filters. We ask that you keep this in mind and prevent using a proxy or VPN when making purchases with us.

It looks too suspicious to be voluntary. Steam, fror example, allows you to set region once per month, and only when you are logged in from another region (via VPN or not) I hate all that anti-globalistic shit, the essence is to ensure that each government cuts taxes from its herd regardless of the reality and customer's interest. Games sold in my native region is often cheapest restricted piece of crap.

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